Monday, 1 June 2009

Froggy Frogson's skill school

One evening, the creatures from the flowerpot decided to play football.
Blob wasn't interested and was drinking cups of tea with his friend, the Polar Dog.
Ralph and Stifles didn't like tea at all, so they decided to take Spawn up on his offer of a football match.

Ralph, who wasn't really a sporty person but very competitive nonetheless, got hold of the ball first and ran with it. He couldn't quite believe it himself as he dashed off with the ball. Stifles tried to keep up, but he couldn't quite catch him as Ralph was much taller and faster. Ralph was going straight for the goal posts and he ran and ran ever closer...

Spawn, who didn't like Ralph's run much at all decided to put a stop to it at once and took one big frogs leap to win back possession of the ball. - "OOOH", shouted Ralph, as he was knocked over by Spawn.

Stifles was of course stifled by Ralph's shouting and stood frozen as a statue. Spawn was very pleased he got the ball and as he was about to run off with it to score a goal himself when he heard shouting from the sideline; 'Spawn, that was a bad tackle! Not how I taught you!'

Ralph got himself up, although with some difficulty, and they all looked over at where the shouting came from.
'Oh gosh' thought Spawn, 'it's my great uncle, Froggy Frogson'

Froggy Frogson looked rather pleased to see his nephew and quickly walked over to greet Spawn. 'Spawn my friend, how are you?!' said Froggy.

Spawn who'd had many football lessons from his great uncle but had never really been any good at it said
'hello uncle Froggy Frogson. I am very well thank you. These are my friends Ralph and Stifles'.
'I am very pleased to meet you' said Froggy.

Ralph and Stifles greeted him but were in awe as they had never known that the former manager of the famous team Newflowerpot United was indeed Spawn's uncle!

'Such a coincidence and what a pleasure to see you playing footie on my first visit!' said Froggy,
'but you're not playing very fairly and that tackle would have given you a red card in a real match! Here, I'll show you some tricks'
and he quickly scooped the ball onto his foot.

Froggy Frogson then kicked the ball into the air and balanced it onto his head.

'He is so skillful', thought Ralph, and Stifles was thinking much the same but was again somewhat of a statue.

Spawn was a bit worried, as when he was little, Froggy Frogson tried to teach him allsorts of football tricks he really couldn't perform.

Froggy Frogson kicked the ball over to Spawn.
'There you go my son, you try it'
and Spawn thought
'Surely, not. I can't do anything like that!'
and started to look more worried now.

'Well, let's try your friends then'
and he put the ball onto Stifles' head.
Stifles stood as if frozen and could therefore keep very still. 'Brilliant!' said Froggy.
"Absolutely wonderful!'.

'Spawn, if Stifles can do it, so can you'
and Froggy Frogson took the ball from Stifles' head and placed it onto Spawn's head.
'Now that isn't too difficult is it Spawn',
but Spawn still looked quite worried and became ever more nervous and started shaking. Then all of a sudden he dropped the ball....

Spawn was so embarrassed that he really wanted to walk away, but they all stopped him, and said that it didn't matter. But it mattered to Spawn.

Ralph and Stifles were having a great time, whilst they felt sorry for Spawn, as it seemed he had never been able to live up to Froggy Frogson's expectations. Then uncle Froggy walked up to him.

'Spawn' said Froggy,
'it doesn't matter that you cannot perform footie tricks very well and that you cannot play like a professional player. All I would ever want is for you to enjoy yourself when playing football, as that to me is the most important thing!'.

This came as quite a surprise to Spawn and it made him feel better. Stifles and Ralph were listening with full attention, as Froggy Frogson seemed to be such a nice and clever man!
'Now' said Froggy Frogson
'let's have a half-time chat, and a nice cup of tea!'.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Blob needs advice

Today, Blob decided to explore a different flowerpot. One that was outside. His fellow creatures had gone to go to get some groceries. They'd decided that Blob could not come this time, as whenever they went to the shops with him, he always wanted "EVERYTHING" and they could not afford to be indulgent.

This made Blob quite sad. He sat in the flowerpot on his own looking through the window into the garden.

He was wondering if there were creatures out there that looked like him. Perhaps he had a 'look-alike' - a twin - somewhere in this world that he was not even aware of!?! As he was pondering, looking out across the garden he noticed some red blots amongst a plant in a flowerpot that stood against a wall in the distance. 'Oh dear', he thought 'if you can dream it, it can happen!' and eagerly he went outside to explore.

The flowerpot was quite far away and it took him 15 minutes to walk there. Once he was at the base of the pot he looked up at the red balls and said "Hello!" - but the red balls did not say anything back... "HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!!!" he shouted, but no reply... He thought; 'These red balls are so rude, they are definitely not like me!' He decided to climb up into the flowerpot and hid behind a leaf. Then he noticed there were green and orange blots too!
They were all tomatoes!

He wondered if this is how he became to exist. Was he made this way; hanging from the stalks of a plant, until he was 'ripe and ready'?

He never knew his mum and dad. He just remembered growing up in the flowerpot with his friends.

He decided to climb down to get a closer look at them. These tomato balls were all so perfect, shiny and beautiful! The leaves were so crisp and green and the stalks so elastic but strong. What a miraculous plant!

He thought it was the most beautiful plant he'd ever seen.

He got so close by that he spotted his own reflection in one of the shiniest tomatoes. 'Oh dear, oh dear' he thought. 'I look so imperfect and hideous compared to these beautiful tomatoes!'

The tomatoes dangled quietly and the leaves were softly bobbing up and down due to the slight breeze.

He thought to himself 'These are all twins - or are they? - they all look similar, although some smaller and some still green or orange'.
He quickly climbed down as now he felt really bad about himself. Tired from all the thoughts, impressions and the climbing he sat down on a rock in the sun and pondered some more..

(Whenever Blob was pondering, his hat went all twisty, almost like his brain....). He stared out in the distance in front of him.

How was he made?
How did those beautiful tomatoes become to exist?!?

As he was thinking this, a small white Polar Dog came out of nowhere and said "Hello Blob!" in a very friendly voice. The Polar Dog had startled Blob, as he was there so suddenly. "Hello!" Blob said. 'Are you a ghost Polar Dog, or do you really exist?' Blob asked.

The Polar Dog smiled and said 'I really do exist and I live in this garden, but you've probably not seen me before, as I only appear if my help is needed. Come with me and I will show you something'. Blob didn't know whether he could trust the white Polar Dog - and as if the Polar Dog could read his mind he said 'You are right in questioning whether I am trustworthy - but place trust in your instincts'.

Blob thought for a second. Although the Polar Dog had appeared out of nowhere and made him jump, he hadn't felt frightened or suspicious when first seeing him. 'OK' Blob said 'I'll come with you'.

Off they went; the Polar Dog with Blob on his back, across the lawn. Blob was wondering where they were going and just then, the Polar Dog stopped in front of a flower.

'This is 'Daisy'.
Children sometimes pick them and make little necklaces out of them which they call 'Daisy-chains'.

We are amongst all things green and nice. Flowers and grass that grow up from the ground reaching towards the sun. Daisy opens up her petals as wide as possible during the day to take in as much sunlight as possible. Sunlight and water makes her grow, just like the tomatoes from the flowerpot. The tomatoes started as little yellow flowers too, out of which the tomato fruit grows.

You and me on the other hand, we were made by human hands and therefore we are not natural, but that does not mean we are not beautiful. Something that is man-made can be very beautiful. You cannot compare yourself against anything else.

Everything is entirely different, and so is each creation. Not one is the same. Even twins have different brains, hands and eyes and are in no way exactly the same, however much they appear to be from the outside. Ants all look the same, but they are all entirely different creatures.
Just remember that everything is beautiful within its own right and so you have to try and see your own beauty 'within'. Always be fair, be honest and be kind -and then you can be grateful and proud of who you are. That will get you through life.
Blob thought to himself; Eventhough he could not remember being made, he was OK, really. Sometimes he was a bit greedy, or made fun of his fellow creatures but they knew he did not really mean it. Blob loved his creature friends, and that they loved him too.
The Polar Dog smiled. 'It's about time you go back inside, it's getting late and your friends are probably back with all the groceries'. Blob was really feeling happy now, as he didn't feel hideous and imperfect at all. 'Beauty is all about the goodness within!!' and Blob hugged the white Polar Dog's furry coat tight. 'Bye bye Polar Dog, and thanks for all your advice!' and the Polar Dog waved and walked out of sight.

'Amazing' thought Blob, such a beautiful Polar Dog - and such a beautiful Blob!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Stifles' weird dream

One night this week Stifles decided to go to bed early. He was very tired as the whole day he had spent cleaning the flowerpot. It was of course their favourite place to hang out during the day and it had become very mucky from all their play. The plant had also shed some leaves and he had gathered all the dead leaves together and carried it in a great big bunch to the recycling bin outside in the garden. This was at least half an hour's walk, without a heavy load to carry!

Exhausted, Stifles climbed into bed and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was in a deep sleep.
All the other creatures from the flowerpot were still in the living room, chatting and playing their favourite boardgame; Scrabble. Ralph, who is generally considered the most clever of all his friends, had made the word UNIVERSE and got loads of points, so he was well ahead of the others. Blob, one of the most competitive of all was therefore trying to win from Spawn as nobody could beat Ralph this time!

Stifles, fast asleep, soon began to snore and as he breathed out, his nose made little vibrations along with funny noises from the snoring.
Stifles dreamt that he climbed all the way to the top of the tree he had seen in the garden today. That tree was the highest tree he had ever seen before. He clambered up from branch to branch enjoying getting a little bit higher each time, so that the house beneath him seemed to grow smaller with each new branch he reached.
He was now so high that he could hardly see his friends who were sitting in the window on the groundfloor of the house. All he could see was a red dot; That must be Blob! - and 2 green dots, which were Stifles' and Ralph's hats!
He thought to climb up just a little higher as a big bird flew around him. It was a Robin, who came and sat down on one of the branches higher up, looking at him. Stifles had never seen a Robin before and was a bit scared as he wasn't sure whether the bird would be friendly.

"Hello" said the bird and Stifles replied in a slightly trembling voice; "Hello".

The bird said "I am Robyn, the Robin - and who are you?". Stifles introduced himself and soon found it was a real friendly bird and they sat chattering away.
Stifles told Robyn all about the flowerpot and his friends. The bird told Stifles about all his adventures flying around the area, and about his mate Blackbird, which he sings with in a weekly choir.
Stifles then told the bird about his dream to fly to the moon one day. "The moon has always been a place I wanted to go to! They say it's soft and fluffy to walk on and is made of golddust! Shall we try it, and see what happens??" The Robin agreed and told Stifles; "You can sit on my back and I'll fly as high as I can to the edge of the gravity zone; from there you can then float through space to the moon!"
It was very cold the higher they got, but Robyn's feathery back was soft and warm, although Stifles' eyes were a bit painful and teary from the wind. They were flying higher and higher. Robyn told Stifles they were nearly at the edge of the zone, where gravity no longer existed, so that he could float. Stifles thanked the Robyn for his kindness in bringing him all the way here and they decided to meet up soon; when Stifles would return.

Stifles climbed off Robyn's back and dived
through the Zone, which consisted of tiny little moist speckles and sparkling space-dust. It must have taken about 3 minutes before Stifles came out the other end and felt weightless. Ooooh, it was beautiful here! He was floating through space!! He looked around and saw the moon and tried to get himself to go in that direction. He thought it would be great to have some power on his feet -and as he'd thought it, it had happened in an instant - and Stifles went at a great big speed towards the moon.

He was not scared at all. He was thoroughly enjoying it. He would be the first of his fellow flowerpot creatures to be on the moon!
His journey seemed to last forever and ever. The warmth on his feet felt great though and he did not have a care in the world.
After what seemed like a very long time, he came ever closer.
The moon was very bright, more so than he had imagined and now within close proximity, he
was getting ready for landing. With his mind, he controlled the power from his feet and it reduced so that Stifles could make a safe landing.

As he felt the surface of the moon on which he was now standing, he wasn't sure whether the heat from his power had affected his feet, as the surface wasn't soft and fluffy at all! It was very hard and rough. He looked down and around him and realised he was standing on a great big ball of silver, not gold. All was sparkly all around him but suddenly it was as if the brightness was turned off....

He was now almost in the dark and felt very upset and lonely. He was finally on the moon and it wasn't as he had imagined it to be at all!

He closed his eyes to push away the tears and as he'd opened them, all around him were now all bright lights gallore. He was a bit shocked but soon realised it was from the sunshine shining through the bedroom window. He squinted his eyes to see Ralph standing over him saying: "It was just a dream Stife, you're safe here with us" and Stifles felt a great relief. He was home!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ralph and his holiday destination

Ralph decided it was time for a much needed holiday. His friends were lovely creatures, but they had been so busy and loud recently that he thought he could do with some peace and quiet all by himself for a while.
He thought he would tell his friends he would go skiing, as he'd never been skiing before, and this wouldn't make his friends suspicious for his desire to be all by himself. He would go and live in a hotel a few miles down the road, and his friends would be none the wiser.
He told his fellow creatures he had booked it all online, since he knew how to operate computers now and at the beginning of March off he went, all by himself for a 2 week skiing holiday... (or so his friends thought!!)
Spawn was asleep on his bed and it was still quite early in the morning when all of a sudden Stifles shouted;
"Spawn! We got a holiday card from Ralph!"
Spawn was still dozing, having just been woken up by the shouting and had not really heard what Stifles had been shouting about.
Stifles came bursting through the door and put the lights on in Spawn's room. "Look at this, we've got a holiday card from Ralph through the post!" and Stifles showed the picture to Spawn.

"Look at those mountains, Spawn! - and all the glistening snow. He must be having a great time!"
The back of the card read:
Hello my lovely friends, a note from Ralph here. Am having a great time and not cracked a bone yet! Hope to see you all very soon. love, Ralph.

Stifles was very excited indeed. He'd never been on holiday and was quite jealous that Ralph had gone - all by himself!! Stifles would never be that brave and couldn't wait for Ralph to return and see all the pictures he had made and all the adventures he must have had.
After 2 weeks, Ralph returned. He looked very happy and told his friends he'd had a wonderful time. Stifles could not hide his excitement; "Next time, Ralph, can I please please come with you? - now, show me all the pictures you've made!!".
- "Of course you can come next time and... I'm really sorry Stifles, but I lost my camera whilst skiing so I do not have any pictures to show you" " Ralph had said, blushing.
As it was time for bed, Ralph told his friends he was tired from all the travelling and would go to bed early. Whilst in bed, Ralph kept tossing and turning. He felt bad he hadn't been skiing at all. His friends now thought of him as being really independant and brave to do such a thing all by himself, especially Stifles... He kept on thinking he had done a really bad thing. How could he possibly tell his friends he had needed a break, from them!?
He thought he would wait for all his friends to go to bed and then go and see The wise Wizard Tiger. He had once asked advice from him before and he was sure the Tiger could help him out.
The wise Wizard Tiger was very wise indeed, but also very big and scary and lived 4 rooms down from Ralph and his friends.
As he heard Blob, Stifles and Spawn going to their own bedrooms, laughing and making a lot of noise, he got out of bed, put the lights on and prepared for his visit to The wise Wizard Tiger.
It was quite a walk, so he did some stretching, ate a few crackers and drank some water. He opened his bedroom door and peaked to see if the 'coast was clear' -which it was.
He walked to the bathroom and flushed the toilet. (The loud noise that this made would ensure that his friends wouldn't hear him open and close the main living room door as he went out).
He then quickly tiptoed down the stairs, through the main living room door, through 2 other large rooms until he came to the door where The wise Wizard Tiger lived.
He knocked on the door and waited..... .............nothing happened.
Ralph thought, "he might not have heard me", so he knocked again.
This time, he heard a loud growl and his whole body was shaking, so that his hat nearly fell off, as this deep growl had quite scared him.
"Got to be brave, got to be brave" he kept telling himself, and slowly opened the heavy door.
There he was; The wise Wizard Tiger sat on the floor in front of him in a great big room furnished with fluffy chairs and a sofa. He was looking at Ralph with piercing eyes.
"Hello Mister wise Wizard Tiger" Ralph said with a trembling voice "I have come to ask you for some, some advice."
The wise Wizard Tiger kept looking at him for a little while longer, then finally broke the silence and said "Of course my dear Ralph, I have been expecting you!".

Ralph looked at him and was even more scared now!
"Then, ... do you know why I have come to see you?" Ralph asked.
"Yes of course" The wise Wizard Tiger replied.
"What do you think I should do?" Ralph asked.
The Tiger said "always be honest with your friends. Honesty is always the best policy".
Ralph said that 'now he had done such a terrible thing, how could his friends ever believe in him again, trust and value him?'
The wise Wizard Tiger told him that 'if you tell them the truth, they will be upset and hurt for a while, but after that they will appreciate your honesty and they will understand. Now go, and have a good nights sleep, so that you feel strong and happy in the morning'.
Ralph went back to his bed. He felt much better now he was told what to do. He would have to confess that he made the holiday picture in front of a poster in the hotel and dropped it through their letter box whilst they were all sleeping.
The following morning Ralph woke up, got all his friends together and confessed the whole story. Stifles was the most disappointed, as you can imagine... but they all thought to take Ralph's
feelings into account more as they hadn't thought themselves as being so loud and noisy before.
They decided that if everybody took more note of everybody else and communicated more openly with eachother, that such things should not happen in future.
Ralph was much happier now. At least he could sleep again at night!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Computer play

The creatures from the flowerpot decided it was about time they had a play with the computer, which they had so often seen on the table in front of them.

Ralph had seen it being used and knew that the big slippery surface at the front was used to steer a little arrow across the screen. Ralph carefully stepped onto it whilst the others watched how the arrow on the screen moved.

"Look!" said Stifles "it moves, it moves!!"

Blob was looking from the screen to Ralph and back again. He could feel the vibration of the machine going through his body.
Spawn was usually not the kind of creature that liked to try out new things and thought computers were too complicated but was now enjoying it and looking at the moving white arrow on the dark screen in awe.

"Let's go play on that Internet everybody keeps talking about" Blob said. "Do you know how to do that Ralph?"

Ralph said "That's going to involve quite a lot of exercise for me, Blob, and we need to touch buttons at the same time. How are we going to do that?!"
"We could help you out and step on them, if you tell us which ones" said Blob.

Ralph thought about this for a minute and knowing Blob's wit, thought it'd be best if he stayed in control. "I'll show you how it's done" Ralph said wisely.
He shuffled his feet so that the white arrow was pointed to the big green 'Start' button.
"I will now have to press this button behind me" - and he gently tumbled over to reach it with his hat.

Spawn thought that looked rather complicated and Stifles looked curiously at what would happen when it was pressed.

Ralph was looking to see if he had reached it yet and was wondering why he got himself in such a state. He realised he would need the help of the others as he now couldn't see what was happening on the screen.

He had finally managed to press the button and asked; "Blob, is anything happening on that screen yet?"
Blob said "There's a big grey block, with a blue stripe".
"Excellent, excellent" Ralph said. "Tell me when the blue stripe is at the top of the grey block, Blob!" and Ralph shuffled his body across the slippery surface..
"Now!" shouted Blob, and Ralph pressed the button quickly.

All of a sudden, the screen changed completely from dark to white and Stifles asked;

"What does 'Google' mean, Ralph??"

Ralph was still on his side and trying to get himself up.
"Perhaps the computer is trying to tell us he's having a Giggle, but spelt it wrong!?" Blob said. Ralph wisely remarked "Computers are hardly ever wrong Blob"
"Well" said Blob "You never know with the technology nowadays; - that's what they keep saying!.. I've heard you can even get a virus from it and allsorts!"

Ralph finally got himself up. "Now you're saying that Blob, I actually feel rather queezy. Maybe I've caught a computer virus, being so close to the surface of that slippery pad, perhaps?".
Stifles pointed out: "What if the computer said 'Google' to tell us we've been googled; - as in infected?!?"

They now all got the shivers, and moved away from the big slippery pad, staring at it from afar.
Ralph said "Well, I think I've been Googled." - "What do I do now? I don't have an antidote!?"
His vision became quite blurred now too and he could see strange colours and twirls around him.

"Perhaps a slap on your cheeks will sort you out" said Blob. "Get you back in reality, mate."
and before Ralph realised it, Blob gave Ralph a great big whack.
Ralph nearly fell over but managed to just stay on his feet. "Googlewhack..." ..Ralph mumbled.
"Yeah, that's right Ralph, I've given you a Googlewhack!" said Blob, and laughed quite loudly.

Ralph now vaguely recalled a programme he had once seen on TV about a man called 'Dave Gorman' who had talked really fast, but he had heard the word 'Googlewhack' come up several times. He instantly started to feel better.

It all made sense to him now. He had been cured by a 'Googlewhack' - as he would refer to it from now on, and thought that was rather whacky.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

A whole adventure - or kafuffle more like!

Today, the creatures in the flowerpot were bored and decided to climb up to the top of the plant.

From there, they thought they would have the most wonderful view. At the same time, this was fun as these leafy patches look like big fans and are very bouncy.

As usual, Spawn was at the top first. Being a frog, he could easily hop there and sat all smug wobbling up and down.

Stifles, who is usually scared stiff (hence his name) was very daring this time. He was already halfway up when noticing that Blob and Ralph were still on the bottom in the flowerpot. "Come on Blob, Come on Ralph!" he shouted down and noticed that Ralph was walking around to find a good spot from where he could grab onto the stem to be able to climb up.

Blob was laughing, as he had a wicked plan. He thought he would wait until they were all up there and would then furiously start tugging the stem, so they would all fall off.

As Ralph heard Blob's laughter, he thought the better of it, as he was used to Blob's tricks by now. He thought he would stay down, so that he was safe and perhaps warn the others, depending on what Blob had in mind.

As Ralph was looking up at Spawn and Stifles, it was already too late... Blob had given the stem a great big tug, which resulted in Spawn and Stifles wobbling furiously. Spawn and Stifles were off balance shouting "noooo !" and were very scared. Spawn was all askew and couldn't find a good place to jump down from and Stifles was sooo scared that he just tried to hold on tight.

Ralph turned around to Blob, who was now laughing even louder.

"Blob!" shouted Ralph angrily. "This is not funny! Your friends are in danger of falling off. Not into the flowerpot, but all the way to the ground. That's at least 50 creature lengths down!" Ralphs face was now all red from shouting and he looked all panicky, as he thought the worst was about to happen.

Blob hadn't thought of that. He had not foreseen that the top of the plant was just hanging over the end of the mantelpiece. If his friends would fall now, they would splat on the floor.

"Come on, help me Ralph" he said and as deep regret and worry was now the expression on Blob's face, Ralph decided to help him. They both held on tight to the wobbly stem and tried to get it to a standstill. The wobbling slowly subsided and the plant slowly went back to normal.

As it was Blob that them got them in this mess, he now started to climb up the plant to help his friends down.

Stifles still looked frightened, but also a bit pleased that the big wobble was over. Due to all the kafuffle, Spawn was still frightened and sat stiff (and still in a funny position) on top of the plant, crying.

"Coming to the rescue, my lovely creatures! be with you in a tic" shouted Blob.

Spawn muttered angrily "you red blob" under his breath and Stifles started laughing.

When they were all safely down, they noticed all the dead leaves had fallen into the flowerpot. Spawn was still crying softly but eventually, they could laugh about the whole incident and they made Blob promise never to do such a dangerous thing again.

Well, whatever is next in the Tales from the flowerpot!!?